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How does being an atheist affect your politics?

I have been thinking about this for a while now. A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be hanging out with my local atheist meetup group. I was new to the group, so I mostly sat back and listened, throwing in the occasional comment. Then the conversation turned to politics and the upcoming executive decision on gun rights. It was clear that they were on the side of banning firearms and imposing as many restrictions as possible. I sat back quietly and listened to what they were saying. Oh goodness, if they only knew my dirty little secret.

I’m a Libertarian. GASP!

Or Libertarian-ish. I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative. I want the government small and out of my personal space. I want to earn and keep as much of my money as possible while giving a reasonable amount of financial assistance to my fellow man (NOT government) in need. I want to keep my right to safely bear arms and protect my family if the need were to arise. I want a true separation of Church and State for the sake of my children and their children. Everyone is different, but these are my personal convictions. It had not occurred to me how much of minority conservative or middle of the road folks would be in the atheist community.

Last week I asked how everyone felt about proselytizing. Sword of Apollo made a bold statement in regards to people’s belief system and how it influences their vote:

“I wouldn’t care much about other people’s beliefs, if they didn’t vote to coerce people like me based on them. Various groups want to ban abortion, ban “vices,” impose forced charity such as welfare and Medicaid, impose subsidies, force employers to abide by labor union rules, impose minimum wages, etc.

When people use the government to coerce me like this, then I have a serious problem with the beliefs that cause them to do it.”

I agree with him wholeheartedly. What are your thoughts? I’m not asking for anyone to come out and tell me their own personal political choice, as that is none of my business. I am curious to see if you feel pulled more-so in one definite direction due to your non-belief?

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